A Professional Sign Company

Professional, reliable, trustworthy, and accomplished, we’re the professional sign company that’s available for any kind of business. Whether you’re a big corporation or a mom and pop shop, we cater our services to fit your aesthetic and budget. From banners to business cards, vinyl lettering to vehicle lettering, at Aero Signs we do it all! Located in both Los Angeles, CA and  Little Rock, AR.

Who Are We?
The Do-It-All Sign Company

We take pride in our do-it-all attitude. From working with mom and pop shops to major corporations, designing business cards to 3-dimensional lettering, we’re able to cater to any client.

What Do We Do?
Sign Creation & Installation

From collaborating with clients on designs to obtaining city permits for sign installations, we provide our clients with a peace of mind knowing we’ll have them covered every step of the way.

Where Are We?
Los Angeles &  Little Rock

We cater to where our clients are, whether it be Orange County, The Valley or Santa Monica. We’re also expanding! We are also in Arkansas, The greater Little Rock area.

Sign of the Times

The importance of a sign goes a long way for a business, particularly for a new business or a business that’s updating their aesthetic. Signs can enhance your organization’s image, often as the first thing customers or clients see when they approach your establishment. As a sign company, we make sure that your sign is visible, easy to read, clean, and sharp. Other sign companies start and stop with just the installation, but we can help with everything from design to obtaining the proper city permits.

As a full service sign company, we supply custom signs for a full range of uses, from residential to commercial to industrial. Sign graphics are produced with high quality vinyl materials with a durability rating of 7 years or more. Vinyl materials are great for intricate cutting and overlaying on a variety of surfaces coupled with great pricing. Painting is also available for select applications.

City Permits

Do you need a city permit for your sign? Not a problem. We can do city plans and pull a permit for your business. And a city permit can be mandatory depending on the sign’s size and height. We understand how stressful and time consuming it can be to start a new business, change locations or open a new location. We’ve made sure to have a knowledgeable staff who can assist you in sign installation every step of the way. As always our readiness and attention to detail on each project is why our clients come back for more.