About Us

In the Industry Since 1998

Partners Pedro and Mike started their own sign company after they decided that they could create a better experience for clients with the skills they learned working for one of the biggest sign companies in Los Angeles. Both owners are happy to provide more of a personal experience with clients and they’ve formed relationships with them as a result of their professionalism and proven work.

Pedro became a designer studying at Platt College in Southern California. Pedro was happy learning about vector programs (like graphics editors) and Photoshop. His first job working for one of the biggest sign companies in Los Angeles was as a sign designer. He enjoyed designing signs because it allowed him to use his creativity, especially when collaborating with clients on creating the actual designs. The most challenging sign for him to date has been a gym sign he did, working with a curved interior with lettering (large vinyl letters) from end to end.

Ever since Mike was a child he was always attracted to letters. Growing up in LA, he saw letters around him all the time between billboards and signs. Mike started painting small signs for local businesses before being hired to work with other sign shops, learning about the business and gaining more experience. While studying at LA Trade Technical College he took a sign painting course where he learned a lot about sign layouts and the sign business. Mike puts his educational and career background in Aero signs and enjoys working with all aspects of a company’s signage from the vehicles to the store.